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The garage door specialists on our staff can quickly install, repair of service any type of accessory on the market, from all types of advanced lifting mechanisms to state-of-the-art movement sensors. In addition, we are experts at insulating garage door cracks to prevent unwanted air from invading the area. This step will make the garage more comfortable will also increase the area's energy efficiency. 

A Special Process

Interstate Garage Door Repair Service Riverdale, NJ 973-507-1055Our company has formulated a special process for executing the installation, repair and maintenance of your custom garage door systems. Our professional garage door technicians begin by carefully considering all of your thoughts, ideas, and wishes. Only then do they share information and advice gleaned from years of training and experience in the garage door industry. When those factors are combined with the vast array of choices from our garage door and accessories inventory, our customers find it easier than expected to determine their needs.

Once a garage door strategy is in place, our garage door experts then visits your property to scrupulously measure the pertinent area and inspect the overall structure. After each component of the install procedure has been carefully reviewed and implemented, all elements are then inspected to be sure that they are level and weatherized, which prevents unwanted hot or cold air and moisture from entering or exiting the premises. Our special process ensures our Riverdale customers are completely satisfied with their garage door system's performance and appearance far into the future.