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Interstate Garage Door Repair Service Riverdale, NJ 973-507-1055Interstate Garage Door Repair Service also offer a wide selection of specialty doors for our customers in the Riverdale area who have more exclusive garage door requirements. Our inventory of specialty doors is designed to fit the needs of even our most discerning clients.

All of our specialty door technicians at Interstate Garage Door Repair Service are certified and trained to assess, install and repair all types of specialty doors. Their background and experience uniquely qualifies them to identify and resolve any sort issue or requirement our customers may experience in their residences or companies.

Insulated Doors

Many of our customers require garage doors that have built-in insulation materials, since they are recognized for effectively protecting cars, trucks, tools and other belongings from damage caused by all types of extreme weather conditions. The insulated doors that our company provides make sure that excessive heat, cold, and humidity does not harm any of the items that are stored in your garage. 

In addition, the insulated doors that we stock are designed to turn your garage area into a more agreeable living space, making your garage a fun place for spending time with friends or work place for completing projects. Insulated doors can also reduce your consumption of energy, which can save money on your gas or electric bill. Interstate Garage Door Repair Service stocks a variety of insulated door styles, which ensures you will find a door that meets your needs.   

Fire Doors

Fire doors can offer an additional measure of safety to any property. Properties that have garages are especially vulnerable to fires, since most garages contain many types of liquids that can unexpectedly ignite, such as gas, glue and other highly combustible materials.

All it takes is a tiny ember to connect with certain types of combustible liquids and suddenly a dangerous fire can erupt, enveloping first the garage and its contents, and then eventually it can spread to other surrounding rooms or even the entire structure. A complete building can suffer damage or burn down in just moments. 

Fire doors are designed to prevent devastation caused by fast moving fires and hot air spreading from room to room in homes and businesses. At the very least, fire doors can save lives by slowing down rapidly moving fires and give people a chance to vacate the premises. For reasons like these, many individuals and businesses have determined that fireproof doors play an extremely important role in their safety programs.

The protection that fire doors offer is so well known that many cities and counties now have laws stating that structures must use a fire door to separate living spaces from garages. Many fire doors are designed to prevent fire from spreading for up to 20 minutes. Fire doors with that level of protection and even higher can keep your family, friends, employees, and belongings out of harm's way.

Traffic Doors (High Speed Doors)

These types of doors have been created for use in areas where velocity, dependability and sturdiness are of paramount importance. The traffic doors that we offer are not only affordable, but they are also built to work especially well in areas that require traffic-efficient doors.