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Because Interstate Garage Door Repair Service has a long history of serving our customers in the Riverdale, NJ area, our technicians have a deep understanding of their garage door maintenance requirements. We also know that the community appreciates that we are available to serve them every day of the week, including holidays, at any hour. That is why our fully stocked vehicles can quickly arrive soon after receiving their calls. 

The Price of Unqualified Maintenance

Interstate Garage Door Repair Service Riverdale, NJ 973-507-1055Occasionally residents and business owners decide to use the services of garage door companies that do not employ technicians with advanced garage door certifications, training and skills. We often hear that they regret such choices because doing so can cause expensive problems in the long run and even lead to costly catastrophes. One simple error in judgment from an untrained so-called door specialist can destroy your garage door system or even injure them or someone you care about.  

To protect the citizens and businesses in Riverdale, our trustworthy, certified, professional, trained technicians at Interstate Garage Door Repair Service continue to provide advanced garage door maintenance services at economical prices. We stock our vehicles with everything necessary to complete your project right on the spot. Interstate Garage Door Repair Service technicians provide superior maintenance and repair services and are ready to address any garage door issue you may have. To find out how we can help you, contact one our representatives at your earliest convenience.

Garage Door Checkup

Garage door systems are comprised of many interlocking parts that work in unison to lift and lower the extremely heavy door. If one of the parts becomes worn, breaks or malfunctions for any reason at all, the door can cease to work as it should. The door can even pose a danger to anyone standing near it if it suddenly falls to the ground. That is why our Interstate Garage Door Repair Service garage door specialists are always on standby to thoroughly inspect your garage door systems and resolve any problems in advance.

Because we have spent many years studying the garage door system industry, we have learned that maintenance services can save money and aggravation in the long run. At Interstate Garage Door Repair Service, our garage door checkups are conducted by door specialists that are trained to find problem or issues with even the smallest parts or assemblies. They are equipped to adjust or repair any item they run across that does not operate as it should. When they have finished your routine garage door checkup, your door will perform at an optimum level.

Before our technicians leave your property, they will review their checkup findings with you. They will make recommendations, inform you of anything out of the ordinary and suggest accessories you may want to consider to make your garage system even safer. 

Off-Track Garage Door

Your garage door has a track mechanism that allows it to go up and down in an easy and reliable way that makes access to your garage extremely convenient. However, when the door is crooked or comes off the track mechanism, your garage door system can either stop working as it has in the past or completely stop working entirely. Many doors come off the track because of breaks in the track mechanism's cabling system, which has weakened due to long periods of continual use. Outdoor elements, including rain, snow, heat, cold and even wind, can also cause doors to fall of the track mechanism. This sort of failure often happens suddenly, during just one slide of the door as it opens. From that point forward, once the door is off the track, it may only work partially or it may not work at all. Until it is repaired or replaced, it will not function normally. An additional reason for garage doors to leave the track mechanism is there may be a problem with the garage door's electronic eye that senses motion whenever something is in the door's way. Break downs may also happen when the door is slammed with unusual force. No matter the reason, when your garage door unexpectedly comes off the track, you will need to have it repaired as soon as possible for the sake of convenience and safety. Our garage door technicians at Interstate Garage Door Repair Service are experts that will see to it that your garage door is put back on track and works faultlessly, without any problems at all.