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Interstate Garage Door Repair Service offers a large assortment of both standard garage door and parts and accessories manufactured by companies that are known for creating high-quality merchandise. Residents and businesses in Riverdale learned long ago that we always stock whatever they need for their garage doors systems and we also have items that they might not have imagined. In addition, we are available to install anything they require 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are often considered to be the most important part of any garage door system. Since their job is to offset the garage door's bulky heaviness when the door opens and closes, if they break or become worn, the door may partially open or close or not work at all. Interstate Garage Door Repair Service stocks a complete line of garage door spring parts and accessories, from torsion springs to custom-made assemblies.

The garage door specialists at Interstate Garage Door Repair Service can ensure you select and receive the correct spring or parts for your particular garage door system. We will immediately fix or replace the spring or components that have caused it to malfunction so that it works perfectly once again. We will also let you know how to maintain the spring and springs parts once they are in place so that they will last longer and always function properly.

Torsion Springs

Interstate Garage Door Repair Service Riverdale, NJ 973-507-1055Torsion springs and cables are known for helping to manage the heavy load of the garage door. The torsion springs are connected to a beam located at the top of the garage door. The torsion springs and cables work together to allow the door to go up and down. Most household doors require one or two springs to operate. On the other hand, commercial garage doors may need multiple springs. The weight of the door determines how many springs will be needed.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are designed to be placed on the frame of the door or pulley mechanism. These springs help stabilize the weight of the door by tightening or loosening whenever the door moves.

Because torsion and extension springs endure a great deal of pressure, if they are not being assessed, repaired or replaced by an expert garage door technician, dangerous accidents can occur.

Spring Repair

The springs in your garage door system are important elements that can unexpectedly stop working for a number of reasons. Not only does the way they are made make them likely to break with the passage of time, but the way they are situated in the system can also cause a problem. The springs must bear the load and weight of the entire garage door, and some doors can weigh thousands of pounds. When garage door springs break or snap, the people you care about or your belongings are at risk of injury or harm if the door suddenly collapses in their vicinity. That is why our Interstate Garage Door Repair Service customers always contact us if they need a repair and rely on us to routinely make sure the springs on their garage doors are in outstanding condition at all times.